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Welcome to SAVVY

What is SAVVY and WHY did we develop it?

SAVVY stands for: SPECIAL ACCESS to VIP VENDORS YEARROUND and what this means for you is being able to source products and services for your business in REAL TIME, ANY TIME.

WHY we developed this is because many companies are still operating with a scaled back team and want to be able to access our vendor companies in real time and have more control over the timeframe. So I started thinking of ways that we could help facilitate the process and ensure our members were taken care of with regard to placing orders. I thought, “What if IAHSP® acted in a sales rep capacity with our partner companies?

Instead of having to wait for responses from companies you want to buy from, you will be able to go directly to the company through our SAVVY Platform Portal. We are CONNECTING YOU directly with the COMPANY in real time 24 hours a day 7 days week!

Participating companies will upload available inventory in real time, and the system will remove items as they are purchased, so you will not be left wondering if an item is REALLY available – you will know it immediately. They will still operate with business hours they choose, however, they will be notified when an order is placed so they know to follow up and fulfill the order.

We have also asked our partner companies to narrow down the options so our members can more swiftly place orders for items needed for our business.

This will save you time and focus.

We know looking at a picture of an item you want and then having to locate the appropriate item # or SKU # in a catalog or in an online document is not enjoyable. We want to be efficient with our orders and time, and SAVVY will let you do that.

There are many more amazing features of SAVVY that we will be sharing with you as they are confirmed. You will still receive your pre-arranged discounts from our partners, and will be able to check on the status of your orders through the portal as well, communicate with our primary contact, and even schedule deliveries with freight carriers.

WOW! This is going to make is so much EASIER to place orders to things you need. We hope you are excited about SAVVY!

Special THANKS for our fabulous TECH TEAM for their work on the SAVVY Program – Duane, Derrick and Gabe – you guys ROCK! And to Christa Jessup, our Vice President of Vendor Relations for taking the ball and running with it! The initial response from the companies she has spoken to is VERY promising and they are extremely excited and impressed with what IAHSP has developed with the SAVVY Program.

This is yet ANOTHER benefit of being an IAHSP® Member – and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you!