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Save up for the things you need.

No debt. No credit cards. No loans.

The financially savvy way to pay for business growth, services, events and classes.

IAHSP® is always looking for ways to make it EASIER for you to pay for the things you need and want for your business.

If you are like many industry pros, paying for larger ticket purchases can be challenging.

Does this sound familiar? You have money set aside, and then some need comes up and the money you have goes to pay for that situation. OR you tell yourself, “I will have the money I need to attend ___ or buy ____ or learn ____ next month and THEN I can sign up.” But you never seem to get the total amount you need and the thing you wanted to pay for passes by.

You don’t want to load up credit cards or take out loans which creates personal debt plus interest accrues, costing you even more.

What if there were a way for you to set money aside based on a set timetable that fits your schedule and budget?

What if you had a secure “piggy bank” for your money that allowed you to plan purchasing for the things you need.

What if this service didn’t cost you anything up front, and allowed you the flexibility to access the funds if you truly need them with no penalty?

CLUSIVI is the answer.

We have set up ways for our industry pros to pay for:

Conference attendance

Educational Courses

Wholesale Buying

Vendor Sponsorships

There is NO sign up fee. There are NO interest fees.

Clusivi charges a one time fee* once you decide what you want the funds for, and this is paid as part of the overall payment plan.

Funds are held in a secure escrow account until you need them.

*Clusivi charges a fee up to 10% of the total with a cap for larger ticket items. This fee is non-refundable and can be applied to other layaway items for up to 12 months. The fee is paid for according to the duration of the payment program.

Step 1: Fill out the form

Step 2: Check out the payment programs

Step 3: Get started SAVING up for what you want now

For more information please call 844-IAHSP99 or email [email protected].