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IAHSP® has approved Home Staging Training Courses for the Home Staging industry.  Courses that are Accredited by IAHSP® have been evaluated for content to ensure they meet industry standards for best practices and professionalism.  We have evaluated the courses based on our vast experience with the industry offerings and are pleased to share additional information about courses from the company owners.

NOTE:  IAHSP DOES NOT CHARGE to evaluate and approve Staging Courses which means we are 100% objective in our acceptance of Courses for our Association.   ALL qualified courses are listed on our site, not just ones that paid to be approved.


A Staging Training Course equips its graduates with a foundation for success that will help shorten the time it takes to be successful.  Understanding how to furnish or rearrange a room does not provide you with a business foundation.  Rather than struggle to figure out how to price your services, how to prepare consultations and proposals, how to grow your business long term, a Staging course provides that for you.  Those taught by experienced and successful Stagers are the ones we like to recommend as you cannot teach what you do not know.  If you would like your course listed on this page, please email [email protected].


Stagedhomes.com - The Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®) Course started in 1999 and was developed by The Creator of Home Staging, Barb Schwarz.  To date, Stagedhomes.com has graduated more successful business owners than any other training company.  The ASP® Course is an intensive 3 days and 24 hours of education, with ongoing education post-course completion that is self paced.  The course is continually updated to reflect current industry trends and needs as the Home Staging industry is constantly evolving.  Stagers learn how to establish, market, manage and maintain a successful Staging business.  The company offers grant programs to help save money off regular tuition.  Once you graduate you have access to the Staging University® that provides turn-key resources for ongoing education and success.  You also receive industry discounts on products and services necessary as you grow your business.  A year of membership in IAHSP® is included in your tuition.

The Successful Stager Training Academy -  The Successful Stager Training Academy - The Successful Stager Training Academy is the go-to source of training, resources, tools, community and support for stagers who want to do it right from the beginning so they can be both successful AND have the business of their DREAMS! The Academy’s certification program, the Certified Successful Stager (TCSS), is a 12-module program that offers the best of live and online. Created by Catherine Lewis-Brown to ensure that stagers get everything they need to start their business, Successful Stagers are renowned for graduating with confidence, having their staging business started and paying jobs under their belt! The Successful Stager Training Academy knows that learning is never done, especially in this young industry, and is committed through its continuing education MEMBERSHIP program to provide a la carte education, specialist training, tools and resources to help stagers monthly grow through all levels of their business! You save $50 off your IAHSP Membership a graduate of this course.

The Decorating and Staging Academy: The DSA offers logical training with a creative twist for aspiring & Professional Decorators & Stagers.  Established in 1999, founder JoAnne Lenart-Weary blazed a path for the decorating and home staging industries with her in depth courses.  Providing quality education, resources and mentoring for the professional or aspiring decorator eager to turn their love for decorating into a successful business.  There are so many ways to make money with your talent from simple consultations, one day decorating or redesign, which uses what the client already owns, full service decorating, color selection and home staging, one of the hottest niches in the industry.Whatever you choose, you are in good hands. Our training team is the most experienced in the industry, each of which has built successful businesses.Classes range from free webinars to certification courses in decorating, staging, redesign, and the Confident Color System.   You save $50 off your IAHSP Membership as a graduate of this course.

JLW Company

So why does my background matter?  Because the best trainers, teachers, and coaches are those who have been in the trenches. Those who know what you will encounter as you meet a client, rearrange a space, identify a color undertone, and build a business. The JLW Company offers all the training and support you need to launch and grow a successful business. Our professional classes are certified by The Decorating and Staging Academy and the Staging & Design Network. We offer comprehensive, system driven and practical learning you can put into motion in the field. Here are just a few of our association connections.

RAVE Staging and Design

Rave’s Home Staging and Redesign Business Training was created by the owner of one of the largest home staging companies in the United States. Melissa Marro has won numerous industry awards, speaks at conferences internationally, and operates a PROFITABLE, highly successful company that stages over 400 homes annually.

Rave’s Staging and Redesign Business Training offers opportunities for those new to the industry, or those who are ready to grow, but needing guidance along the way. Whether you are looking to begin a new career, specialize in vacant staging, or would like to grow with others, at your own pace, through a membership community that includes weekly coaching, specialized training, and more, we’ve got you covered.

Considering taking a leap into a new career in home staging? You’ll learn and enjoy your 3 days learning everything it takes to become a successful, PROFITABLE, staging entrepreneur. This is a comprehensive staging training class designed to fully instruct students on the BUSINESS of staging.

Transformations Staging & Redesign School

Transformations Staging & Redesign School, training stagers from inside and outside of the USA since 2006, continues to lead the industry as “the Chic Boutique of Home Staging & Redesign Training.” Becky Harmon, the founder, has a 25+ year career as an ASID interior designer. We are not trying to be the biggest, just the most condensed, design-oriented program in this fairly young industry. “We’re not Macy’s; we’re Lily Pulitzer.” Get the nitty gritty of what matters most. I can only say after all these years in the biz, that YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

Our program offers 2 different hands-on classes in a Jacksonville, Fl resort yacht club on the Intracoastal Waterway, 10 minutes from the beach. We also offer an online class, full of gorgeous photos and videos, for those who need the convenience of learning from home.

We are offering a one-year membership in IAHSP with any of our hands-on classes. Take a look. www.stagehappy.com



DGHR training – continuous education for successful Home Staging Professionals

The DGHR is Germany's only Government approved Professional Association of Home Stagers. Offering the first staging training program in German speaking countries the seminars characterize since 2010 what our members stand for: quality, up-to-date knowledge, and a promise to our clients of a high level of professional conduct underlined by a strict code of ethics, in short: a representation of our profession to the very highest standards.

Believing that a solid education is one of the most important corner stones to success, the DGHR prides itself on equipping its participants and members with well-rounded staging knowledge in all areas: from home staging techniques, business principles, the latest legal requirements to helping with the first steps by offering mentoring and practical work experience possibilities.

As we believe that one option does not always fits every participant best, we offer several possibilities to achieve 4 types of certification: from Chamber of commerce certification to DGHR Master Professional Titles. We are extremely proud to be part of the IAHSP world and to have gained IAHSP approval for our training program.


    HOME|Philosophy, was established with the stated mission of giving back dignity to the concept of Home, very often forgotten or disregarded in the Italian residential real estate market.

At HOME|Philosophy we believe in our mission so strongly that we have established a training and education division: HOME|Philosophy Academy, a project that is ambitious as well as solid: its credibility is based on highly professional trainers who are daily striving for excellence both in their performance and in the quality of course contents and materials.

Established in September 2015, HOME|Philosophy Academy (Milan, Italy) has based its mission on permanent education and continuous training, unique in this industry, to provide trainees, after completing the Home Staging course, with some deep and thorough knowledge on how to add value to their activity.


Picture & Space was established by Nicolet Groen in 2011. Nicolet created a proven way to build a sustainable Home Staging business in the Netherlands by combing Staging and Photography. Her vision: Not every house needs full staging, but all properties need photography, photography combined with advice on how to prepare the home before showings. That approach led to multiple contracts with real estate agents that let her take care of the marketing assets of all their listings: Since 2007, Nicolet has staged and photographed over 2000 properties.
During three full days of training in groups of max five persons. Nicolet shares all her knowledge regarding home staging, real estate photography, entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing.  In between each class, there is a week for homework assignments: practicing Home Staging, writing a report, taking pictures, editing in Photoshop, writing a business plan and start exploring branding and marketing to attract clients.
All the aspects to start a successful Home Staging business are covered. But, having the tools is one thing, taking it into action is the moment when doubt and questions arise. That's why every student receives support and feedback up to one year after graduation.


      Escuela Madrileña de Decoración is a reference center for interior design in Madrid, Spain, due to our educational model and over 10 years of professional career.

We prepare our students with a comprehensive education focused on history and Interior Design theory and practice.

Our school is an open, plural and multicultural space where people can study all kinds of Intensive Courses and Masters in the fields of Decoration and Interior Design, like our Advanced University Course, our most complete and concentrated formation which allows you to get an education in 4 months and is accredited by the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Escuela Madrileña de Decoración offer Home Staging and Styling courses

Our goal is to enhance the student’s potential in the field of design, guided by professional interior designers.