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You Could Win a Diamond!

As part of our fundraising efforts for the IAHSP® Foundation that supports World Wide Staging Service Week, we have secured a 1 carat, natural, engagement quality diamond that will be won by one of our guests at our IAHSP® Denim and Diamond Dinner! We have a limited quantity of champagne glasses that will be purchased for $150 each.

149 of the champagne glasses will have a 1 carat high quality cubic stone and ONE GLASS will have the REAL 1 CARAT DIAMOND inside. All you have to do is buy a glass, drink the bubbly and then have your “diamond” evaluated by the a certified jeweler/gemologist who will be on board.

Want to pre-purchase your ticket to WIN a chance at a $4,000+ 1 Carat Diamond?

Click HERE to pay through our secure portal.

Only 150 tickets will be sold.